Boxnch is a US based company. We work as a shipping forwarder through our shipping partners such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS. We provide our customers a US address with a unique suite number that enables you to order from stores and shops online in the US where your purchases will arrive to our warehouses. Then, your items will be shipped to your home country whenever you request so.

We at Boxnch will take care of your items and make sure they don’t get damaged by following high safety procedures. You can request different services on your items before shipping it to you.

We also can do your shopping for you where you will provide us the items you want to buy and we will buy it and ship it to you.

Boxnch is powered by “Ruzmah”, a Saudi shipping services company, where Ruzmah owns and operates Boxnch entirely.

How it Works:

You first need to sign up to get your shipping address.

Signing up is smooth and easy:

  1. Click on the registration page and fill out your information.
  2. Confirm your email by clicking on the confirmation link.
  3. After confirmation, you will receive your unique US address.
  4. Start shopping online and ship your purchases to your unique address.
  5. You will get notified once we receive your shipment
  6. Log in to your account and choose any shipping company to ship your items to your home country.

Our Services


Gather your different packages into one box to reduce the shipping costs


Remove unnecessary items in your packages to reduce shipping weight


Put your packages in small box or remove extra spaces


Take pictures of the content of your shipments to make sure they match your order before shipping it to your final destination

Shop for Me

Share links to items you would like to purchase from different stores in US and we will buy and deliver it to you.

Special Requests

Ask for any request to be made on your packages such as gift wrapping and price tag removing.

Plans & Pricing


Storage days


 20 free storage days, charges will be applied for any extra storage days

Shipments limits


 Collect up to 10 shipments

Registration Fee


 Charges a set up fee for each package as a receiving and processing fee



 Consolidation is a process where we take packages and combine them into one box.



We’ll take 2 exterior photos of every package received – for any extra pictures, charges will be applied.

Special Requests


Sometimes you need more than shipping for your items, that's why we offer special requests such as gift wrapping and price tag removal.



If you request this service, we will use the packing slips from retailers that come with your items to fill out your US Customs Declaration



 Put your packages in small box or remove extra spaces

Handling Fee


 When we receive large items that need more effort to storage

Shop for me


Share links to items you would like to purchase from different stores in US and we will buy and deliver it to you



We offer Shipping Insurance to insure the value of your package in case of damage or theft in-transit up to the value stated on your customs declaration

Membership fee


Our Partners