1- What is the purpose of using Boxnch?

Boxnch is here to help you do your shopping in the US easily by providing you an address to our warehouse in St. Louis, Missouri. Some stores ship internationally but they provide high shipping costs. Unlike others, Boxnch provides you competitive shipping prices comparing to others while also giving you the option to gather multiple purchases into one box and thus have a lower shipping cost.

2- How do I get a unique address in USA?

You can get a unique address in USA to ship your purchases by signing up on our website. After confirming your email, you will receive an email with your unique address along with the instructions on how to use the website.

3- How long my purchases will remain in warehouse of Boxnch?

Each customer will have free days to store their items. After the duration of free days ends, customers will be charged a fixed cost on their purchases for every extra storage day in the warehouse.

4- Can I share my US address with friends and family?

Since signing up is always free, they are advised to register and get their own address. Otherwise, if someone else uses an address that doesn’t belong to them, Boxnch will bear no responsibility at all in terms of dealing with shipping couriers, or customs, or any other party.

5- What are the shipping couriers that Boxnch use with customers?

Boxnch has agreements with different trusted couriers globally such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

6- Are my shipments insured by default?

No, insurance on shipments is optional and customers can ask to have insurance for an additional cost.

7- What do I do if I received an item that doesn’t belong to me? Or what do I do if my items got lost?

In case of any unfortunate matter happens, contact the customer service through email or WhatsApp chat and they will help you immediately. Boxnch makes sure that all of your items are safe and to be shipped to you.

8- Do I have to pay any taxes or custom fees on my purchases?

You will pay the sales tax of St. Louis Missouri on your purchases. Also, you will pay the duties when your shipments arrive to your final destination.

9- Does Boxnch provide any services to my shipments?

Boxnch provides different services for small additional costs such as taking pictures of your purchases, consolidating multiple boxes into one smaller box, and many different services.

10- How long it will take my shipment to arrive to the final destination?

Duration differs from a courier to another. There will be an approximate time given for each courier and customers will choose the option and the category they want such as Express or economy shipping.